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According to the foreclosure listing firm RealtyTrac, 1.9 million houses entered the foreclosure process in 2011, less homes than 2007 when the recession began. As reported by the firm, such decline was not a result of improvement in the housing market but rather a delay in foreclosures thanks to overall confussion in documentation and legal obstacles involving the process.

Loan Modifications stopped working long time ago as banks never had enough financial motivation to approve them, marking an astonishing 90% or so, in denial’s rate. Homeowners not only feel cheated by their banks but also have suffered real emotional and economical damages that may have enough merits to be litigated in a court of law.

Mortgage Litigation is, without a doubt, the only real answer when it comes to legitimately helping homeowners get the justice they deserve, once and for all, at a reasonable price.

Affiliate Mortgage Intake Assistance Nationwide!

Mass joinder mortgage litigation is a real lawsuit filed in the U.S. Court System that allows homeowners join forces to fight the banks without having to spend a lot of money in the process.

Help homeowners nationwide with Mortgage Loan Litigation’s intake process and become an affiliate or partner today by submitting your information above. Assist homeowners who are interested in fighting their lenders in a court of law and guide them through the process of either filing a real lawsuit against their mortgage’s lender or joining a complaint.

These are the benefits of our mortgage litigation partner / affiliate program:

  • Actual lawsuit filed against lender.
  • A very reasonable flat rate fee charged to homeowners for litigation.
  • Free consultation with a licensed attorney before client signs agreement.
  • Millions of distressed homeowners may be eligible for litigation.
  • Homeowners who lost their house, filed bankruptcy or are current with mortgage payments may be eligible for litigation.
  • Forget about loan modification’s scam problem; real licensed attorneys are retained by clients.
  • Get paid for worked performed - No attorney sharing fees.
  • Potentially make more money than loan modifications.
  • Intake support available in English and Spanish.