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Possible Outcomes of Mortgage Litigation

Mass joinder Mortgage Loan Litigation is a complex process with many factors influencing the potential outcome. Although the law firm strongly believes in the legal merits of its respective cases there are no guarantees of any specific outcome. Multi-party Mortgage Litigation enables numerous different homeowners band together against their lenders with a common legal cause of action.

The following are possible outcomes of this litigation:

Trial Resulting in Judgement for Plaintiffs

Counsel’s goal will be to seek a complete severance of the loan from the property as well as money in damages.

Dismissal of Case

Although the law firm truly believes in the legal merits of the plaintiffs’s claims, they could fight the banks and lose. Foreclosure protection offers an oportunity for many homeowners to mantain possession of their home throughout the course of litigation.

Pre-trial Settlement

Once our cases are filed, there will be settlement conferences at fixed inervals as part of the pre-trial phase. The litigator may negotiate a settlement with the bank. The law firm’s goal in our settlement offers a reduction in principal balance and interest rate. However, the specific terms of a settlement may be on a case by case basis.

If you are considering Mortgage Litigation apply today for a 100% free and confidential consultation with a licensed attorney or call us at 1 800 688 3210 to speak with a legal assistant.

Mortgage Litigation is the only real way to get justice within the U.S. court system!

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